Faye Davies to write «Cloning Elise» ScreenPlay

Saint Denis Studio has contracted British writer Faye Davies to pen the screenplay of Ignacio Delgado’s “Cloning Elise”. Collaboration began in November 2011, when Davies and Delgado met, and decided that the scope of the story merited a trilogy.

In January 2013, Davies and Delgado started developing the scripts for all three films, and hope to have a full treatment ready by May 2013.

Faye Davies
Faye Davies

This is the story of the clone of Beethoven, who has been recreated by the 300-year-old tyrant Mark Goldsmith in order to compose the Tenth Symphony. The film opens in 23rd century Vienna, when a pretty young piano student, Elisa von Lowenstein, finds an emaciated man hiding in the grounds of her family home. The man tells her that he was part of an experiment carried out by a sect of scientists, who want to capture him and make him deaf…

“Cloning Elise” will be initially published as a graphic novel, part of which will be free to download, while the film is seeking funding.

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